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5 steps to prevent a fall

Falls are common among seniors, but they are NOT a normal part of aging and CAN be prevented!
Traci Roundy and the Alzheimer’s Family Center’s nursing team have listed 5 easy steps to prevent falls for your loved one.

 1. Keep Your Home Safe
-Remove clutter and tripping hazards, provide easy access to adjoining rooms, keep bedside items within easy reach, and ensure pets are not under foot.
-Quickly clean up messes, especially liquid and food messes that cause slippery floors.
-Use adequate lighting.

2. Optimize Balance
-Look to build balance, strength, and flexibility. See a physical therapist for exercise routine at home.
-Ensure your loved one stays active and on a nutritious diet.
-Use properly fitting non slip, closed toe, closed heel shoes.
-Make sure your loved one has both hands free when ambulating. Carrying a purse or bag causes and increases fall risk.

 3. Use Appropriate Assistive Device
-Get a Physical Therapy evaluation and Physical Therapy services to assist with strengthening.
-Consistently use the assistive device recommended by the physical therapist or physician (walker, wheel chair, cane).
-Using an assistive device takes practice and reminders. Be patient with your loved one.

4. Meet Your Loved One Needs
-When caring for a memory-impaired person, you are the eyes and ears. Monitor your loved one for alertness, monitor surroundings, and take your time.
-Provide bathroom reminders and assistance.

5. Regularly Review Medications
-Ensure medications side effects aren’t increasing your loved one’s risks of falling.
-Administer medications only as prescribed.


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