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Art Therapy OC Pays Alzheimer’s Family Center a Visit

Sometimes, the best type of therapy is the creative kind.  Whether it’s writing a poem or painting a picture, there’s a sort of fulfillment that stems from it. Patients with Alzheimer’s or Dementia especially benefit from this activity. Art is a transformative medium that allows an opportunity for self-expression, imagination, and individuality.  It helps patients give them that sense of self-confidence, while also enhancing cognitive motor skills.

This week, art therapist Diana Shabtai visited the facility to lead an art session for our patients. They created their own personalized Spring-themed puzzles which helped inspire brainstorming and discussion.  With soothing Cole Porter tunes in the background, the patients relaxed and drew pictures of rainbows and mountains, while also interacting with those around them.

Diana opened Art Therapy OC in 2012 as a way for folks to explore the world of art as a therapeutic pastime.  At her studio, Diana offers ceramics, painting, arts through music and much more as a way to address various aspects of life including imagination, mindfulness, and socialization.

According to studies, art can bypass language, giving patients a new way to communicate. While more recent memories may be lost, old and childhood memories tend to stay longer. People with dementia can tap into those distant memories and paint familiar faces and places. If you take a look at our Art Wall, you will see beautiful pictures of childhood homes, pets, and other personal things. By painting what they remember, patients will be assured that their story matters and has value.


To learn more about Art Therapy OC, visit its website.

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