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For people with dementia and Alzheimer's, sundowning syndrome is a common change in how they act later in the afternoon or early evening. Sundowning refers to a state of confusion and can cause various behaviors such as confusion, anxiety, restlessness,…

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Communication Tips

Communicating with a person with dementia can be difficult, but a few tips and tricks can help make it a bit easier. Communication is essential to engage a person with dementia, whether for a mealtime, activity, or just a friendly…

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15 No-Fail Activities for Adults with Dementia

When it comes to keeping your loved one with dementia occupied, it may be challenging to find activities that are enjoyable and easy to do. It can be common for these older adults to get frustrated or overwhelmed with new tasks,…

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Wandering: Understanding and Prevention

What is wandering? Wandering is a common behavior for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and can be very dangerous. Anyone with dementia is at risk of wandering, and it can begin as people become more confused with their surroundings.…

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