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Adam Navidi At Chef Masters Event

Chef Masters Highlight: Adam Navidi

2018’s Best Chef of the Year, Adam NavidiAdam Navidi is Executive Chef and Owner at Oceans and Earth and Future Foods Farm. He is one of the 31 Chefs that participated in the 2018 Chef Masters event benefiting Alzheimer’s Family Center. 

Future Foods Farm is, for lack of a better word, the future of agriculture. Its unique use of aquaponics, the raising of both fish and produce, helps conserve water while growing substantially more food.  Chef Adam Navidi is an advocate for the environment and is always looking to keep his products fresh, organic, and farm to table. His restaurant, Oceans & Earth was named 2018’s best Gluten Free Restaurant in the Country, with Navidi being named 2018’s Best Chef of the Year.


1. How did you become a chef?

Through many years of hard work and dedication. Then I cooked dinner for the chefs I apprenticed under and asked them if I could call myself a chef… They said yes!

2.    Why did you accept to participate in Chef Masters?

Because Kristin Martin forced me too 🙂 

3.    What is your favorite kitchen memory?

Cooking with family and friends and other chefs.

4.    What is your favorite dish to cook?

Anything I grow at my farm from start to finish! 

5.    Do you have a personal connection to Alzheimer’s disease or another dementia?

Yes, one of my good friends and neighborhood family has been coping with the disease for years! It makes me glad we can do our part as chefs to help raise money and hopefully find a cure!

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Photo credits: Bob Hodson, Tony Lattimore, and Jen Engleman.


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