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Social Isolation Impacts Dementia Patients
Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Alzheimer’s Family Center has re-opened and is accepting new patients.

Geriatric Mental Health Services Provided Via Zoom

 Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) provides outpatient mental health services for older adults with memory impairments through group therapy sessions and one-on-one counseling by our expert therapists via Zoom video conferencing. We specialize in helping people overcome symptoms of depression, grief and loss, anxiety, effects of memory loss, and other aging issues such as social isolation. 

How will participants benefit from group therapy? 

  • Increased socialization 
  • Decrease in isolation and more structure to the day 
  • Use and maintain cognitive and communication skills 
  • Overall improvement in mood, function and concentration 
  • A safe place to discuss emotions and/or issues that may have been pre-existing or are as a result of lifestyle changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic 

Where and when do the therapy groups meet?
Our therapy groups meet in the comfort and safety of a participant’s home via Zoom teleconferencing on a desktop, tablet or cell phone. There are ten participants maximum per group. The groups meet daily and we offer both morning and afternoon sessions.

Beginning with two therapy sessions per week is suggested, but attendance can be up to four times per week. Each session lasts 45 minutes. 

An initial psychiatric evaluation is provided by AFC, and patients will receive individual follow-up therapy sessions once per month. A physician’s referral is welcome but not required. 

How much does group therapy cost?
Services are covered by Medicare and many commercial insurance plans. We assist with determining the eligibility of insurance coverage. There are options for private pay or scholarships available. 

Please contact Linda Abbit, Community Outreach Manager, at 714-805-6788 or to enroll or for more information. 

Visit Alzheimer’s Family Center.
Click here to take a virtual tour online. AFC is not offering onsite tours at this time.

Schedule a home visit.
An experienced, professional social worker will visit your home to gather a thorough history, determine care needs, and provide a full range of resources.

You can reach us at 714-593-9630.


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