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Zoom Activities Program
Zoom Activities Program

Social distancing for seniors will likely be a prudent recommendation for many months. Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) has created a comprehensive brain-engaging Zoom Activities Program (ZAP) for anyone with internet access and a tablet, smartphone or laptop who wants to: 

  • Increase socialization 
  • Decrease isolation and loneliness 
  • Use and maintain cognition and communication skills 
  • Improve overall mood, focus and concentration 

ZAP offers exciting activities including: chair exercise, armchair travel around the world and to local attractions in Orange County, musical fun and music history, crafts and creative arts, trivia and other brain games, art appreciation, Spanish and Vietnamese conversations, meditation and relaxation therapy, discussions about current events and famous historical events, PT and OT maintenance, special events with surprise guests, and more! 

Our interactive ZAP sessions are led by AFC’s professional activities staff, run 40 minutes each, Monday through Friday, start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. Your subscription provides unlimited access for your loved one throughout the day, so they can join as often as they would like. 

The subscription fee is only $49.99 per family per month. 

For more information or to enroll in AFC’s Zoom Activities Program, please contact Mary Morales, Admissions Coordinator, at 714-593-9630. 

How to get started:
Step 1: Make sure your surroundings are safe for you and your loved one
Step 2: Make sure you have water, a towel, and a chair available
Step 3: Please be sure to have any supplies needed (meals with require you to have a meal ready to eat and enjoy)
Step 4: Click on the Blue Activity Label
Step 5: Bottom Left hand side of the screen there is a video icon (if it is crossed out, please click on the button.) Please turn on your video feed.
Step 6: Wait for host to accept you into the group
Step 7: Enjoy the activity
Step 8: Upper Right hand side of the screen in RED is the word “EXIT”, select this once the session has completed or you when you want to leave the group.

Video Demonstration:

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