Virtual Activities
Virtual Activities

Alzheimer’s Family Center is excited to bring a comprehensive activity program to our patients at home through our new Center Without Walls. Our goal is to bring both fun and structure to your day.

Through Zoom, the secure teleconference platform of choice, our patients will be able to join in a variety of activities with their Center friends and led by our staff. The program includes meal time conversations, arts & crafts, exercise, music, trivia games and more!.

Zoom is an app/program that can be opened and run on your desktop computer, tablet or iPad, Smartphone or internet-connected TV. Please click the following link to learn how to access our virtual activity program:

Here are the activities scheduled for the week of May 11, 2020:

We will be adding activities each week and welcome your suggestions and feedback.

If you have any questions about the activities or need assistance, please reply to this email or call 714-593-1855. We look forward to “seeing” you at our Center Without Walls!

Social Activities

Breakfast with Justin

Your favorite Transportation Guru wants to have breakfast with you.  Please grab your favorite breakfast and join Justin and the rest of your friends at AFC

When: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Time: 8am
Meeting ID: 990 4809 7679
Password: 124790

Breakfast with Minh

Please join your favorite Vietnamese speaking Program aid for a breakfast with your Vietnamese-speaking friends from AFC

When: Tuesday, Thursday
Time: 8am
Meeting ID: 988 0051 1605
Password: 274538

Lunch with Suzanne

Your friend, Suzanne, wants to have lunch with you. Grab a plate of your favorite lunch to join Suzanne and your friends from AFC.

When: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Time: 12 pm
Meeting ID: 988 5489 0408
Password: 103093

Comida con Monica

Your friendly Program Aid Monica wants to have lunch with you. Please grab some lunch and join us for a bite to eat.

When: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 12 pm
Meeting ID: 951 4695 7922
Password: 161763

Physical Activities

Exercises with Justin

Your favorite Transportation Guru wants to get you moving, once again.  Join your friends from AFC in a fun filled chair exercise hour with Justin.

When: Monday, Wednesday
Time: 10 am
Meeting ID: 947 0068 6796
Password: 816055

Exercises with Patrick

Please join the Manager of Activities in a fun filled chair exercise hour.  Bring a towel and some water; your friends and Patrick look forward to class with you.

When: Friday
Time: 10am
Meeting ID: 917 0924 4847
Password: 906055

Virtual Occupational Therapy

Please join our Occupational therapist in some group maintenance physical therapy activities.

When: April 30th, May 14th, May 28th and June 11th
Time: 10 am
Meeting ID: 936 2593 8720
Password: 948185

Virtual Physical Therapy

Please join our Physical Therapist in some group maintenance activities.

When: April 23rd, May 7th, May 21st, June 4th and June 18th
Time: 10 am
Meeting ID: 995 1365 8806
Password: 709542

Reminiscing Group Activities:

Spanish chats with Gloria M

You have heard correctly, THE NCC Expert is back.  Join Gloria in some Spanish chats and reminisce about the “good ole days”.

When: Friday
Time: 11 am
Meeting ID: 947 5627 8922
Password: 052804

Vietnamese group with Minh

Join your favorite Program Aid and your friends from AFC in a group designed for our Vietnamese patients. WE will be reminiscing about the good ole days, current events and everything in-between.

When: Monday – Friday
Time: 2pm
Meeting ID: 971 1360 1610
Password: 782720

Spanish Group with Monica

Monica brings her fiery personality as well as her compassion to YOU in our Spanish group.  Please join your friends from the center and Monica in a Spanish group.

When: Monday – Thursday
Time: 11 am
Meeting ID: 927 0985 5152
Password: 226995

Chats with Dorothy

Your artistic activity aid, Dorothy, wants to bring us all together with some friendly conversations. Please join your friends and Dorothy in some reminiscing.

When: Monday and Friday
Time: 1pm
Meeting ID: 987 8917 0190
Password: 112157

Travel with Suzanne

With the powers of the cosmos, Suzanne will take you ALL over the world- from the comfort of your home. Please join Suzanne and your AFC friends on a riveting journey around the world.

When: Monday
Time: 2 pm
Meeting ID: 947 9274 8695
Password: 025263

Creative Arts with Dorothy

Having a hard time figuring out how to be creative? Join your AFC friends and your favorite creative Activity Aid in a creative arts group.

When: Thursday
Time: 1pm
Meeting ID: 951 1536 4913
Password: 816570

Trivia time with Andy

Please join Andy, your fun filled activity assistant, in a riveting hour of Trivia covering any and all topics your heart desires!

When: Tuesday
Time: 1pm
Meeting ID: 953 5795 0143
Password: 973370

Singing With Suzanne

Your Favorite Crooner is back with a fun filled collection of sing a long’s for you to enjoy. Please join Suzanne and the rest of your AFC friends in this Virtual Singing group.

When: Monday
Time: 3pm
Meeting ID: 928 5307 3552
Password: 319240

Current Events with Dorothy

Your favorite Activity Assistant is back to keep you up-to-date on the events happening in the world as well as what happened in history. Please join Dorothy and the rest of your AFC friends in this fun activity.

When: Monday – Friday
Time: 9am
Meeting ID: 928 7977 6620
Password: 082064

How to get started:
Step 1: Make sure your surroundings are safe for you and your loved one
Step 2: Make sure you have water, a towel, and a chair available
Step 3: Please be sure to have any supplies needed (meals with require you to have a meal ready to eat and enjoy)
Step 4: Click on the Blue Activity Label
Step 5: Bottom Left hand side of the screen there is a video icon (if it is crossed out, please click on the button.
Step 6: Wait for host to accept you into the group
Step 7: Enjoy the activity
Step 8: Upper Right hand side of the screen in RED is the word “EXIT”, select this once the session has completed or you when you want to leave the group.

Video Demonstration: