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Four Holiday Gift Ideas for Caregivers

The holidays are a tough time to get through as a caregiver. With everything you must accomplish during the most stressful time of year, you deserve thoughtful gifts rather than just the generic candle or lotion. Here are a few gift ideas that you could suggest to your friends and family.

1. Spa Gift card

Caregivers are usually stressed out from helping their loved ones all day, so relaxation and pampering could always make a good gift. Day spas and massages are one of the most popular ways to get de-stress and relax the muscles. If you don’t know of any spas in the area, is a great resource to find a masseuse that is the right fit for you.

2. Coffee Dates

Being a caregiver can get lonely and isolating. Coffee dates can be a quick, refreshing time to catch up with a friend or loved one. Perhaps, you can meet up with them at your favorite coffee shop or they can bring your favorite beverage to your house if you can’t find anyone to watch your loved one.

3. Yoga

According to the Seattle Yoga News, the top three reasons people practice yoga are the enjoyment of yoga itself, its impact on health, and its use as a stress reliever. Yoga is a great tool to help clear the mind and relax the body. Consider asking for a yoga mat and either a certificate to a yoga studio or a DVD to work out to at home.

4. Help Around the House

Don’t ever feel ashamed to ask for help! Taking care of a loved one while trying to keep a clean house is very difficult and can lead to even more stress. Simply asking for some assistance with daily chores or errands will help you focus on your loved one and yourself during the holidays.

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