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National Nurses Week – Tanya Kim

In honor of Nurses Week 2017, Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) is releasing the portrait of its five wonderful nurses. Today, Nurse Tanya Kim tells us a bit about her.

Why did you want to become a nurse?

Becoming a nurse was a natural choice for me since I love being around others and helping people. From caregiving to nursing to dentistry, I come from a family of people who work in the health field. My whole life I have seen members in my family passionately helping in the aid of others. That outlook has been instilled in me and I strive every day trying to help others.

What do you like about being a nurse at AFC?

The people! The patients only validate why I became a nurse. Each patient has a story and piece of wisdom, or joke, to share with us. Every day we make it a goal to enrich the patients’ lives, but in doing so, enrich our life at AFC. The staff is also amazing! Everyone wants to help each other and everyone encourages each other to do their very best. AFC understands how to work as a team and have fun while helping our patients.

Tell us something that people would never guess about you.

I am a little risk-taker. I have been sky-diving and parasailing. That thrilling feeling of being in the sky is amazing. Doing these things reminds me if I can jump out of a plane (safely) I can do anything!


Happy Nurses Week!


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