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National Nurses Week – Traci Roundy

In honor of Nurses Week 2017, Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) is releasing the portrait of its five wonderful nurses. The first one is Traci Roundy, Manager of Nursing Services.

Why did you want to become a nurse?

I have always wanted to care for people, and I should have always known that nursing was the perfect job for me. However, it took me a few years to figure it out – I went to nursing school at the age of 33! I have been nursing for various populations, but Seniors are the ones I enjoy to work with the most, and I think they deserve our attention. There is something fascinating  about how one’s body and mind changes. It’s an honor for me to accompany people in the last stages of their lives and help them maintain their dignity.

What do you like about being a nurse at AFC?

Our patients have so much to offer: I learn every day from their wisdom and their life stories. I love that we are spending a lot of time with them, we get to know them and their families. At AFC we all work very closely together towards the same goal of improving our patients’ lives. The staff here cares a lot about each other and about the patients. We have the highest respect for everyone.

Tell us something that people would never guess about you.

A few years ago I went on a hike in Escalante (Utah) with my brother, daughter, and nephew. We lost track of time, and a set of circumstances caused us to spend the night in the canyon! It got so dark that it would have been really dangerous to walk any further, so we had to wait until the break of dawn to find our way back. My brother and I took turns in watching while the others were sleeping. It was so cold, we were out of water, out of food, had no light and no phone service. My nephew thought it was a cool experience but my daughter is still mad at me about it!


Happy Nurses Week!


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