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National Nurses Week- Mona Pizano

Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) prides itself on having a wonderful nursing staff to help patients feel comfortable.  From giving medicine to leading physical therapy, AFC’s nursing team shows that heroes don’t have to wear capes.

Mona Pizano has been an On-Call Registered Nurse at AFC for four months and is currently in school working towards her degree.


How did you get into nursing?

In college, I was volunteering at UCI’s hospital (I was a pre-med major at the time). During my volunteer hours, I started helping the nurses, and I fell in love with the profession. I liked that they were more bed-side and interactive with the patients than the doctors were.


Why Do you like working at AFC?

I get to interact with the patients whereas at other facilities, I might just be passing out meds and that’s it. Here, we’re playing activities, going on outings, and listening to patients’ stories.


What do you do for fun?

Well, I’m in nursing school right now, so not much! If I’m not studying, I’m spending time with my family or boyfriend.

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