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“my loved one is in a safe environment”

The services and care my dad receives at the center have been invaluable to his continued well being. The staff all have been caring and supportive. I also appreciate the fact that  my loved one is in a safe environment. He has been able to thrive, not just survive.


“a wonderful service to have here in Huntington Beach”

what a wonderful service to have here in Huntington Beach.   For your family member afflicted with this terrible disease, it is so nice to know we have AFC to help.  I toured the facility and it truly is great and a blessing.

“a lovely volunteering experience”

I had so much fun volunteering. The staff is exceptional and all very kind and obviously loves what they are doing. The program is very well organized and the participants enjoy being there. Both participants and staff are amazing and provide a wonderful environment!!

“enhanced the quality of my mom’s life”

I absolutely love everything about the Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC)! My dear mother attended AFC for several years until just a few days before her recent passing. Having my mom live with my husband and me the last several years of her life was a challenge at times, but the support and services of AFC lessened that challenge greatly and in fact enhanced the quality of my mom’s life — and ours.

“a wonderful resource”

“I came to the point were I realized I couldn’t do this on my own. Alzheimer’s Family Center has helped in so many ways. From the peace of mind I have to the tremendous services they offer, the center is a wonderful”

“a break from daily demands”

“Alan needs a great deal of planning and patience over the course of a 12-to-15- hour day. It is so taxing for me to do this in addition to maintaining the household. By attending the center, Alan gets the mental stimulation he needs and I get a break from the daily demands of caregiving.”

“a place where Peg loves to go”

“We are so grateful to have AFC to “pump up” our Peggy. The biggest benefit our family receives from the center is that it is a place where Peg loves to go. It is a place where she feels she is doing something constructive. It relieves us from the thought that we are not doing enough for her.”

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“a sense of camaraderie”

“My husband, John, and I were privileged to attend the interactive Mind Booster Series, a program designed by AFC). The sense of camaraderie was almost instant and the sharing of our lives and common issues in the class was most helpful.”

“the information has been invaluable”

“I have learned how much it means to keep my loved one’s brains active. Mind Booster has given me so many skills and so many techniques that I can’t thank them enough for being a part of this intimate program. The information shared has been invaluable for me.”

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