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Activities For Those With Dementia

The Mind & Memory Program’s Interactive Activities for Dementia Patients

Mind & Memory Program (MMP) prides itself on providing cognitive stimulating, evidenced-based activities designed to slow the progression of dementia while enhancing the quality of lives for the patients.

Activities to benefit everyone

The program is meant to bring a sense of dignity, independence, and a moment of stress relief for the patients. Staff and volunteers coordinate a variety of activities ranging from trivia, puzzles, to chair yoga and stretching exercises that benefit everyone. Sometimes, they’ll even host “crazy tie day,” to just relax and have fun. 

Technology to engage in reminiscing activities

MMP also brings in technological tools to engage in reminiscing activities. Google Earth and Google Street View has not only been revolutionary in environmental issues but also in helping people with cognitive disorders rediscover something about their past. Staff and volunteers have utilized Google Street View to allow patients to see the homes they grew up in. Even though cognitive functions are damaged, emotional responses are still intact and finding a childhood home can help provoke those kinds of reactions.

Planting in honor of Earth Day

Two weeks ago, MMP decided to go green for Earth Day and lead a succulent planting session for everyone. This activity had participants working with their hands to physically pot the plants and gave them a sense of accomplishment after seeing the project they complete. The patients were extremely excited to bring their plant home and share it with their loved ones!

Offered on an outpatient basis on the Mission Viejo campus of Mission Hospital in Southern California, the Mind & Memory Program provides a structured program of therapy. The first of its kind in the country, this program is designed to address the special needs of individuals with memory concerns who in addition suffer from some type of mental health issue, such as dementia and depression, PTSD and dementia and bipolar disorder and memory loss. For more information, please call (949) 364-4203 or visit our website.

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